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How will I
market my home?
Listing your home on Homepie can give you maximum exposure to potential buyers. We offer everything from For Sale signs to MLS listings. Plus, you can promote your home on Zillow and 100+ other sites.
Where can I find
contract forms?
Homepie automatically creates your purchase contract with agreed upon terms. It's all done electronically, and it's completely free. Our optional transaction coordinator can help with required legal disclosures, and more.
What are all the steps
to sell my house?
Our roadmap tracker demystifies the home selling process keeping you informed each step of the way. And live support is always there if you ever need help.
One place to manage
your home sale
One place to manage
your home sale
Homepie saves you thousands
Skip hefty commission fees.
Our average seller saves $27k.
Given how simple and straightforward it was to market my house, interact with the buyer, and close on the property, I can't see myself selling another property any other way.
Derek H. (Simi Valley, CA)
Estimated Savings: $50,000
How it works
Prep & post your home.
We'll promote it.
Negotiate & accept offers.
We'll prep the legal forms.
Complete escrow.
We'll assist you through the process.
You're in control
Each home sale is unique, which is why Homepie enables home sellers to customize their experience to address their needs.

Beyond the foundational value that Homepie offers, you can choose any of our premium products and services. We offer the MLS, Zillow, Transaction Coordination, For Sale Signs, and more, at little to no cost.

Product & Services
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Smart lockbox
Home value report
Transaction coordinator
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Common Questions
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  Are there any hidden fees?
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