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For Sale by Owner
Flat Fee MLS
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Best if you already have a buyer.
Best if you have some experience.
Best if you have no experience.
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for everyone
$ 0
$ 999
       flat fee
$ 1499
+.5% at closing*
Listing on homepie.com
Purchase contract
Offer/Negotiation tool
Instant messenger
MLS listing (Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, &100+)
4 months
6 months
Yard sign & installation
Pricing analysis
Legal disclosures & TC Legal Disclosures and other paperwork are included with our Transaction Coordination Service. This allows you to go through the process with the peace of mind knowing you are doing it right with all proper paperwork. In addition to the paperwork, your full-time Transaction Coordinator will coordinate the entire sale process and everyone on track to ensure an on-time closing. with the escrow/title company, buyer or their agent, buyer's lender, and more. This service is the most critical to your sale and is included in some of our packages.
Custom flyer (PDF)
Social media marketing
Postcard marketing Jumbo-sized postcard designed, printed, and mailed to your nearest 250 neighbors.
QR code sign rider This smaller sign attaches to your For Sale sign and has a code that buyers can scan with their smartphone. It links directly to your Homepie listing page where buyers can write you offers. Get an estimated 37% better chance of selling directly to a buyer with no agent.
Drone photos
Licensed agent advisor For the best of both worlds, take advantage of our agent advisory services. You still control your own sale, but you’ll be assigned a licensed agent to be there when you need it. Whether it’s to compare offers, analyze the financial qualifications of a buyer, decide on a negotiation strategy, deal with buyer repair requests, work with your buyer’s agent when needed, and more.
Open House Kit
*Certain restrictions and minimums apply. Ask for details. $99 Flat fee MLS offer only available to cutomers who purchase Professional Photography and full-size For Sale sign.
It's easy to get started. Cancel anytime.
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