List Your Home on the MLS
Agents use the MLS to sell homes. Now you can too!
No better market exposure
Your home on Zillow, & hundreds more
Once you list your home on the MLS, within minutes your listing will show up on all the major sites that seriously matter when you’re trying to sell your own home. The major real estate websites are exactly where buyers are searching for homes. If you don’t happen to have a buyer already lined up to buy your home, listing your home for sale in the MLS is the only way to go in order to get the maximum marketing exposure you need to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.
List by owner and pay zero listing commission
Some sellers don’t need a listing agent
If you’re selling your own home, one of your goals is likely to save as much as you can on the cost of selling. As long as you take the steps to perform the same tasks an agent would for you like: preparing your home, fielding inquiries, showing your home, analyzing offers, and managing the sale, then you can avoid a listing agent commission. Choose from one of our marketing packages, make sure it includes Transaction Coordination to handle the required legal paperwork, and you’ll be well on your way to success. Bear in mind, for true success when listing on the MLS, you will still want to offer at least a 2% commission to a buyer’s agent. In preparation for listing your home, you’ll first want to to watch our educational video on the 5 easy steps to selling your home yourself.
Remote Listing Agent Service
Some sellers need a listing agent’s expertise, but still want to save
Some sellers want to save money but may not actually have the time, or may feel nervous about doing things correctly. If you find yourself considering hiring an experienced listing agent, then we can help. We offer a huge discount for our remote listing agent service. Receive all the benefits for a fraction of the cost. We will guide you to prepare your home for sale, help you choose a great price, field inquiries from buyers and agents for you or in collaboration with you, and help analyze and negotiate the offers for you in order to achieve the best outcome with the highest price. This remote service gives you all the help you need without visiting in-person, which is why you receive a high level expertise at a low cost. Chat with us today for details on this service.
How to list on the MLS
Step 1
Create New Listing on
Step 2
Select your MLS option.
Step 3
Your listing is live by next business day.
Watch our free video
Take a few minutes to watch our free video and we will show you how easy it is to get the highest price for your home in any market. We'll explain the 5 easy steps to successfully list and sell your home yourself.
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