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Our digital purchase contract takes the guesswork out of paperwork.
Fast, digitally integrated flow
Forget dealing with passing paperwork back and forth using the traditional offer negotiation process. When you create a listing on you can use our free offer negotiation software that is built into your listing and super easy to use. Your potential buyer or their agent can submit an offer directly on your listing page within minutes.
Once you come to an agreement with the buyer, our cloud-based software automatically imports the property information and agreed upon terms into a bonafide digital contract that is used for escrow. All negotiation details are logged in as a digital ledger in our database and easy for you to view or download, so it’s easy to see what transpired in the negotiations.
Simplified for both parties
Unlike the contract provided by the real estate association, our Purchase Agreement was formulated with simplicity in mind. It’s organized, easy to understand, and our software eliminates the ability to miss unfavorable terms you may not otherwise notice.
The traditional offer and negotiation process is cumbersome and hard to follow because they are predicated upon any number of offers and counter offers. At the end of the negotiation it is often challenging to decipher the final terms when these counter offer layers add and remove conditions previously negotiated. Even professional escrow agents sometimes get lost when trying to determine the actual final terms agreed to.
Many purchase contracts provided by various real estate organizations are loaded with dozens of complex pages that only an expert could follow. Homepie’s purchase contract is nicely structured and easy to understand. It’s reduced to just a handful of easy to follow pages and only the final details are populated. This way, you'll only need to sign the contract once. It includes all the traditional contingencies most commonly used, like property inspection, appraisal, financing, sale or purchase of another home, etc.
Legally binding
Our Residential Purchase Agreement meets all statutory requirements for the states in which we offer it. You can rest assured knowing that once all parties sign, it becomes a binding legal contract just like any other binding real estate sales contract. In states where we don’t currently offer the automatic Purchase Agreement, we provide an automatic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is prefilled with the same agreed upon terms and all parties are asked to sign. While the MOU is not a binding legal contract, even when it’s signed by all parties, this document assists in memorializing a proper state specific contract.
Secure signature
Once your purchase agreement is ready, you’ll sign easily and securely using DocuSign, the world's leading digital signature provider and is used by more than a million organizations. This system provides high-level encryption that meets or exceeds global standards to protect your personal information. After the contract is signed, the final document is conveniently saved in your Homepie listing dashboard for you and your Transaction Coordination (optional service) to access at any time during or after closing escrow.
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