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What is a Transaction Coordinator?
A Transaction Coordinator, also known as a TC, is someone who handles important administrative duties in real estate transactions from contract to closing. If you have ever sold a house with an agent, you've most likely worked with one. That's because agents typically use Transaction Coordinators to guide their clients through the complexities of escrow. Their duties include:
  • Opening escrow
  • Providing legal disclosures
  • Preparing paperwork for digital signatures
  • Ordering Natural Hazards Disclosure Reports
  • Arranging inspections if needed
  • Ensuring all parties adhere to contractual deadlines
  • Checking that all documentation is submitted on time
  • Communicating with all parties to ensure smooth closing
Do I need a Transaction Coordinator?
While most people could handle all the services of a Transaction Coordinator without hiring one, the question is rather would you want to? There's a good reason agents typically hire this service. Unless the appropriate paperwork and disclosures are completed and time frame obligations are adhered to, there could be major issues crossing the finish line.
Consider also the fact that selling and buying simultaneously can be an all-consuming process. Working out the logistics of a move and packing boxes, you'll hardly have time for anything else. Handing over these duties to a professional to keep everyone on track lifts the stress and provides peace of mind. That's priceless.
Guided closing for FSBO sellers.
Homepie's Transaction Coordinator services are unique because they are readily available to assist FSBO sellers. That means added security for those who want to sell their own home, but might feel intimidated by disclosures and meeting deadlines.
Feedback from sellers has confirmed time and time again the value of having this service. Our Transaction Coordinators are attentive friendly and professional. Agents have also enjoyed working with our team, And that same standard of service is available to help you close on time and without stress.
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