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For Sale By Owner, Reinvented!

Save tens of thousands in fees
Legal Protection & Paperwork
Live Support from Real People
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Homepie makes it easy to sell your own home.

No hassle, no worry features


Digital Purchase Contract

Seller E&O Protection Plan

Assisted Task Management

Personal Transaction Assistant

Guided Legal Disclosures

Pro tools

Listing on MLS, Zillow, Redfin

Offer negotiation technology

Professional Photos & Drone

Smart Lockbox

Traditional For Sale Sign

Real Support

Pricing Strategies

Targeted Social Media Ads

Custom Flyers & Postcards

In-network Service Providers

Licensed Agent Support (available)

Package Pricing

Choose the plan that is right for you

How to
sell your own home

with Homepie.

For sale by owner
has never been so easy.

Step 1.

Simple listing process

List your home in just a few minutes. Choose the
options that are right for your situation including a-
la-carte or bundled packages for important services
such as professional photography, MLS listing, social
media marketing, lockboxes, and more.

Step 2.

Online Negotiation & Contract Creator
Buyers write you bonafide offers directly on Homepie’s
platform that are comprehensive yet simple. Negotiate
back and forth until all terms are agreed to, then the
contract is auto-generated with the final terms
already populated.
Step 3.

Guidance through closing
Homepie is the only place you can go to manage your
entire purchase/sale from an easy to use dashboard.
The system is set up to make sure you meet all of your
contractual obligations on time to ensure a smooth and
easy closing.
Sell your home without losing equity

Saving money on listing fees can mean a bigger down payment on your next home, a more comfortable retirement, paying off debt, or paying for college!
How much hard earned equity will you save?

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