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For decades, 10% of all real estate sales have closed without agents.
Access to this additional listing inventory is more important now than ever before.

A new breed of FSBO

MLS Listings offer buyer agent commission

Seller's TC service makes it easy on you!

Effortless negotiations with no paper work

Have you had poor experiences with FSBOs in the past?
Not any longer!
With Homepie,
it’s a piece of cake pie!
Let’s be honest, traditionally it’s been difficult to work with FSBO sellers. Agents may have a little PTSD from it. In many cases FSBO don’t understand the nuances of a real estate transaction, and it has led to you doing more than double the work for the same commission. As a great agent, you’ll happily do this since it’s in the best interest of your clients, but you shouldn’t have to. Homepie has used technology and industry experience to make working with our FSBOs seamless. We’ve identified all of the pain points you face in these cases and solved for them.
How it works
All digital offers
Why kill a tree? Let’s get with the times and negotiate deals digitally, the way it should be. Once terms are agreed to, where available, the system generates a purchase contract prefilled with all agreed upon terms. No need to print, scan, and sign a bunch of counters. It can’t hurt to minimize that carbon footprint anyway..
Professionally handled
Once your offer is accepted, Homepie’s professional transaction coordinators get to work. They open escrow and handle all the disclosures and other items need from the seller, so you don’t have to.
Digital Ledger
We create a digital ledger of all negotiations so nothing can be missed and you will always have it to reference. A digital ledger plus one clean contract helps ensure there are no mistakes in escrow. One clean contract means the escrow officer will easily be able to decipher final terms.
Standardized process
Working with FSBOs has never been easier. Homepie ensures that these transactions are managed just like any agent represented transaction. If you ever hit a snag, real professionals are here to help.

"Companies like Homepie are really helping to push the industry forward."

Susan L.
San Diego. CA
Case Study
It never fails, every time I travel, my clients get active

I’m an avid traveler and I always make sure I tie up any loose ends before I leave for a trip. Like clockwork, it seems like as soon as I arrive at my destination, my clients and listings tend to get very busy resulting in a mad scramble for me.

Last year I traveled to my sister’s home out of state for the holidays. I cleared my plate nice and clean before I left. Sure enough, the night I got there I had a listing fall out of escrow. Really bad timing, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect something to happen that would require my immediate attention.

I changed the listing status back to Active, and within a day I had three offers. I was thrilled for my seller, but I knew that it was going to be a bit of an ordeal for me now, and it happened to be Christmas Eve. I locked myself in the guest room (away from my five young nieces and nephews) and began to work.
This is what I did, and you can probably relate...

1.Pull out my old slow laptop
2. Wait 11 minutes for it to fully start up
3. Hook up to sister's WiFi
4. Sign into my state board account
5. Sign into the MLS
6. Sign into Glide
7. Sign into Docusign
8. Review dozens of pages of tedious offer details
9. Prepare multiple counters
10. Correct random terms that agents included
11. Combine pdfs as needed
12. Discuss all details with seller
13. Discuss/Negotiate details with buyer’s agents
14. Send docs and counters to seller for signature
15. Send each buyer’s agent an individual response

I ended up negotiating a great deal for my client, but I missed out on Christmas Eve and lost precious time with my family that I cannot get back.

The next time I went on vacation, of course it happened again... only this time, I had my listing on Homepie. I was able to handle four offers in a matter of minutes, from my phone... it was astonishing how easy it was and how much time I saved compared to my old process. I’ll never go back to the old way...

Add just one listing to Homepie and try it out. Buyer’s agents save a ton of time too because the offer is digital and simple. You’ll never want to use anything else.

Jaime G.

Fountain Valley, CA


Listing agents can leverage our digital offer technology too!

Add your next listing to Homepie and share your listings offer link in the MLS to take advantage of our time-saving all digital offer process including seamless multiple offer handling.

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