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Can I view a sample of the Residential Purchase Agreement built into Homepie?

Real estate sales can be complex. Homepie makes it easy for buyers and sellers to complete a real estate transaction with little or no experience. One of the smartest things you can do as a buyer or a seller, is familiarize yourself with the built in Residential Purchase Agreement, RPA. You can see a sample below of the RPA template that will be generated once you have an accepted offer.

Once your terms are agreed to by all parties, those terms will populate into this electronic RPA to be digitally signed by all parties. Once all parties sign, the contract will become legally binding. It’s important you are prepared to move forward with the step at that point.

Keep in mind that it is a generic template and was designed to cover many different scenarios. Some of the sections may not apply to the deal you make, so read it carefully. This RPA was designed by California attorneys and is designed for use only in California.

If you have any questions, you may contact Homepie via the chat/help button located on every screen of our website. Please note that we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. For legal questions, please consult your attorney.

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