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Can I use a real estate agent?

Homepie’s goal is to give you the tools and resources necessary to navigate the entire process of buying or selling a home without an agent. That being said, it’s common for a buyer to have an agent. In this case, the seller would need to agree to pay a buyer’s agent commission. If the home is listed on the MLS, there will be a commission already offered by the seller which an agent can see in the MLS itself. This commission is not always displayed on other sites, but often, a seller will also have this information on their homepie listing page. You can look for the green handshake icon near the listing price; if it has a red X, then the seller is not publicly offering a commission, however, if there is a dark blue checkmark, then the seller is offering a commission. The commission amount will be displayed in the Basic Details section on the listing page.

Note: If a listing is not on the local MLS, the agent will want to have the seller sign a Single Party Compensation Agreement to confirm the offer of commission. This form can be obtained from the agents AOR forms library.

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