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Are there real estate agents involved in the sale?

Homepie’s platform is designed to help buyers and sellers complete a sale from beginning to end. Neither the buyer nor seller needs a real estate agent which allows an overall savings of up to 7% of the purchase price; the typical commission a real estate agent would charge, depending on your area.

We do offer an MLS option where you pay us a small fee to simply list the property on the MLS, however, we do not represent you if you do this. There is no listing commission due, but the MLS does require all listing to have an offer of commission to a buyer’s agent. This can be as low as $100.

The MLS is something we do recommend. It gives your listing the amount of exposure needed to compete with all other properties for sale and it gets your listing in front of the right buyers. Adding your listing to the MLS automatically syndicates your listing to all of the major real estate websites like Zillow,, and Redfin. These sites have millions of monthly visitors so this is a huge help for serious sellers. The amount of exposure is well worth the small fee to list on the MLS, and you have the control of the amount you want to offer a buyer’s agent.

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