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What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is typically a one year warranty policy that protects the homeowner against the failure of certain systems and appliances of a home. It can give a buyer a lot of piece of mind when buying a property.

If a covered item fails or isn’t working properly, typically the issue will be fixed or the item replaced. Usually there will be a small service call fee in the range of $50-$100. Most of the time, these warranties do not cover pre-existing issues.

There are usually different packages you can choose from depending on your needs and wants, so be sure to check the plan for specifics. Different plans may cover different items. Not all items are covered by all warranties. Choose your home warranty carefully to make sure you get all the coverage you need. If a seller is crediting you for a home warranty, and the warranty you want costs more than their credit, you can still order the warranty you need if you are okay with paying the difference. If a seller is not paying for a home warranty, there is nothing that precludes the buyer from purchasing one on their own.

Once the policy expires, you can usually purchase another one for the next period. These warranties do not automatically renew like an insurance policy, so you’ll need to pay attention to when your’s expires.

Open or download the attachment below for more information on available home warranty plans.

First American Home Warranty Plans 11.21.19.pdf

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