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What is a home inspection?

The home inspection is the most common and could be the most important. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete this inspection as well as time to further investigate anything that comes up.

This inspection is detailed in nature and covers most general aspects of the home. Your inspector should be thorough, however, it’s important to remember that the home inspection is a general inspection and your inspector is not a specialist. Your home inspector will examine the major systems of the home and point out anything that needs attention or further investigation by a specialist. A specialist may include professionals like electricians, heating and air contractors, plumbers, roofers, structural engineers, etc. Remember that your home inspector can’t see everything because the home is likely already built and the home inspector will not do anything invasive. If a specialist is recommended, you should consider carefully whether you want to bring in that specialist for a thorough examination of the item in question.

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