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Why Get Preapproved?

Make your offer stronger, know how much you can afford, estimate your monthly payments, and budget for down-payment.  This process is essential for your success.  Savvy sellers will only consider offers from buyers who are preapproved. Investing the time to get Pre-Approved now will save you a big headache later. The best news is there is No Fee for this service!

Starting the preapproval process is simple. Simply click the ‘Get Loan Badge’ button located on every listing, or click the ‘Get a Loan’ link in the top menu and fill out the form. A preferred lender will be in touch right away.

The lender will ask you a series of questions and collect supporting documents referencing your income, debt, credit, down payment funds, and more. They will evaluate everything to determine how much you can qualify for, show you how much money you need to close, and what your monthly expenses will be. Once this process is complete, they will issue you a pre-approval Letter along with you receiving a Pre-Approval Badge indicating you have been Pre-Approved.  Supplying the seller with your Pre-Approval letter shows them you are qualified to afford the offer you are making.  This goes a long way toward the seller accepting your offer.

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