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What does Homepie mean by “pre-selected independent service providers”?

When you are submitting a listing, making an offer or counteroffer, or accepting an offer or counteroffer, you will see a paragraph that mentions that Homepie has pre-selected independent service providers.  This is in reference to our Service Provider Network. This shall not be interpreted as an endorsement, as they are independent of Homepie, however, using them may help you complete the sale efficiently. These Service Providers are familiar with the unique format of our purchase contract which can help streamline the process and help you navigate the sale. There is no obligation to use these service providers.

“Homepie has pre-selected independent service providers for escrow, title, and transaction coordination to help make the sale process as seamless as possible. There is no obligation to use these services. However, they have been integrated into the Purchase Agreement to facilitate the completeness of your transaction. Once all parties have signed the Purchase Agreement, feel free to compare rates and services.”

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