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How do I withdraw/cancel/rescind an offer or counteroffer I have made?

You will not have a binding contract until all parties have signed the digital purchase agreement. This digital purchase agreement is automatically generated once the buyer and seller have agreed to terms within Homepie’s platform. Once it is generated, each party will receive an email from DocuSign asking for digital signatures. If all parties have not signed, Homepie may be able to cancel your offer or counter offer. You may contact Homepie through our Help/Chat button located on every screen.

If you have decided against the Proposed Offer in Homepie, do not sign the digital contract. Then, immediately let the buyer/seller and Homepie know that this is the case.

If all parties have digitally signed the purchase contract using DocuSign, then you have a binding legal contract. In order to cancel the contract, you may need to cancel based on a contingency. Please contact your attorney in this case as Homepie cannot give legal or real estate advice.

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