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Can I cancel my listing anytime if I am not yet under contract with a buyer?

You have no obligation to Homepie to leave your listing on our platform with our free listing. Keep in mind, if you do cancel, you will not be able to use our online transaction/negotiation tools. Ask a representative for details on how to cancel your Limited-Service Listing Agreement.

Please note that if you have an outstanding contract with a buyer, cancelling your listing will NOT automatically cancel the legal contract you have with the buyer. In that case you will need to take additional steps if you want to cancel your contract and there may be legal ramifications to do so. Always read the entirety of your contract before canceling and seek legal advice if needed. Homepie cannot help you with real estate or legal advice specific to any transaction or agreement.

Homepie is a a licensed real estate broker in the state of California (CA DRE Lic #02135848).

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