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How Can I Get More Exposure for My Home

One of the most important aspects of home sales is getting your home noticed by buyers. When selling your home by owner, it is up to you to market your home the same way an agent would. This is a lot easier than you think. Online searches are the #1 way buyers find their homes. In fact, even buyers with agents often find a home online and then contact their agent to schedule a showing. There are many places online where you can post your home for free and get the exposure your home needs to sell. Of course, Homepie should be your first choice, but we think that you should use as many of them as you can to get as many eyes on your home as possible. Be sure to always include a link to your Homepie listing so buyers will know where to go to make you an offer.

Zillow is one of the top websites where people look for homes to buy and it is free to list your home for sale by owner. Keep in mind that Zillow markets to agents, so adding information about your home being sold by owner may help reduce some of the unwanted contact from agents trying to get you to list with them. You can add information to your Zillow description (and the What I Love about this Home section) that references your Homepie listing so that people know they can contact you through Homepie and write you an offer.

We suggest you add something like: This listing is for sale by owner. Contact seller, schedule a tour (live video or in-person), get more info, ask a question, or negotiate an offer at (insert your home’s Homepie URL here). There are also a couple of other areas in a Zillow listing where you can put an actual link. The virtual tour URL and Related website are both fields that will support a link and having something in your description is helpful to potential buyers.

Craigslist has also been successful for many of our sellers. The ads on Craigslist do expire after a short time so you will need to remember to relist them frequently. You can also add the same note listed above to your Craigslist ad.

You can easily share your Homepie listing to multiple locations just by clicking on the arrow in the blue box on your Homepie page. When you click on the arrow it will open a Share box which will allow you to share your listing to people via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or create a link you can share anywhere. Remember to ask your friends and followers to share your home with their friends and followers. Make your listing go viral!

Facebook is also a great place to market your home. You can post your home for sale in Facebook Marketplace and even on your own Facebook page. The more locations your home is listed the better chance it has of making its way to the right person and helping you find a buyer.

To help grow our Homepie community and help get everyone more exposure, we would really appreciate it if you would like and share our FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram pages as well. Keep an eye out for your home on our social media platforms and like and share the posts to your pages.

By investing a little time to market your home you will be able to sell your home successfully on your own and save thousands in the process.

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